This web site is promoted and produced by Andrew Garcarz of 2 May Cottage Hoar Cross on behalf of  Wendy Garcarz,  Annette Willcox, Jill Dagnana, Rosie Cuckston, Mary McKenna, Joseph Tewonezvi, Keith Rowe and Andrew Garcarz of The Brexit Party


We are your eight Birmingham Parliamentary Candidates: We are from the real world.

We are  Teachers, Trainers, Authors, Nurses, Barristers, Lawyers and Business owners.

We are here to   Change Politics for Good

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Brexit Party Brum_Rosie Cuckston_028.png
Rosamund Cuckston
Birmingham Hall Green

I have lived in Birmingham Hall Green since 1987 and worked in public, private and voluntary sectors. I organise debates, and have been a School Parent Governor and Volunteer Counsellor.

Birmingham Hall Green will be revitalised if we leave the EU and direct the money made from our hard work back to our region. We must fix our out of touch political system and restore trust in each other and ourselves

Rosie is our Employment Law and Workers Rights Spokesperson

Brexit Party Brum_Andrew Garcarz_018_edi
Andrew Garcarz
Birmingham Ladywood

I was born and raised just a stones throw away from the Ladywood constituency in Stockland Green and went to school, worked and lived in Erdington, Castle Vale and Pype Hayes for 55 years. I know what life is like in our area, I know the problems that we face on a daily basis and I want to do something about it. We have been let down by our MP's, they lack integrity and honesty and do not represent us. As your MP I will honour your wishes, give Ladywood a voice in Westminster, work to attract investment, provide better jobs, schools housing and hospitals. Together we can Change Politics for Good

Andrew is our Communications and Technology spokesperson

Wendy web site_edited.png
Wendy Garcarz
Birmingham Erdington

In 2016, we were asked the most important question of our generation and we voted to Leave the EU. Over 3 years later we are still stuck in the EU and our political system is broken! Parliament has ignored our vote and failed to carry out our instruction. We must restore democracy and make elected MPs accountable for their actions and carry out our wishes.

I have run a business in Erdington for more than 25 years, created jobs and paid my taxes here. I know how important it is to be treated fairly and to have the same opportunities that Metropolitan London has enjoyed for decades. Together we can make Erdington a vibrant place to live and work in again. With a renewed sense of pride, confidence and real local investment, we can put Erdington back on the map

Wendy is our National Health Service spokesperson

Mary McKenna
Birmingham Yardley

Mary McKenna is a Barrister, who, over the past nine years, has practiced in the criminal justice system. She was educated in Ireland, became a nurse and specialised in Midwifery and was a very successful Director of Midwifery and Nursing for nine years at a London DGH.


Under the two party system, our political system, is no longer fit fir purpose. At this particular time the opportunities for our communities, Regions and the Country as a whole, are enormous and need to be capture and embrace them as a matter of urgency.  We need politicians with integrity, who are transparent and represent the issues of their local communities as opposed being “self-serving” or working in the interest of their party BUT to fully represent the views of the people who elected them. I will represent you with respect and trust

Mary is our Legislation and Clinical Negligence spokesperson

Joseph Tawonezvi
Birmingham Selly Oak

Having never been active in politics before, I am interested in what The Brexit Party can do for Selly Oak, a constituency with lots of University Students, and I am delighted with the Brexit Party policy to write off the interest on Student Loans which will give a financial relief to student after graduation. As a security and risk analyst and lawyer I would also give my support to the law enforcement agencies, educational and health institutions to make sure they are safe and secure places

Joseph is our Immigration Law & Environmental 

Annette Willcox
Birmingham Perry Barr

Perry Barr has been a safe seat for almost 40 years. Consecutive governments have no need to help us because there is nothing in it for them. Career politicians play party, religious, sexual or ethnic groups against one another as it suits their whims. We need honest representation for all parts of our community. 

I grew up around Perry Barr. I heard the pub bombings, witnessed the riots, watched athletics at the Alexandra Stadium, watched One Stop being built and studied at the Poly.  Work has taken me around the UK and across Europe but now is the time for me  to stand up and be counted.  I will represent all of the people of Perry Barr equally.

The Brexit Party stands for democracy and to continue to remove the corruption in our public life. Vote Brexit Party and show that we will not be taken for granted any longer

Annette is our Economy and Business Finance spokesperson

Brexit Party Brum_Keith Rowe_007.png
Keith Rowe
Birmingham Northfield

Keith Rowe is well known in the political scene in Birmingham where he has been actively campaigning for a number of years.

He has been at the forefront of the campaigns in the area for the UK to leave the EU and has featured in the press, radio and on TV on many occasions.

He has also been active in campaigning for other issues including electoral reform, for a more effective police force, help for veterans and for the homeless and very prominently in the fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism.

He has run a successful small business and headed a local charity.

He is never afraid to firmly and politely state the reasons behind his policies and to debate all comers. He has appeared in debate against many senior politicians including cabinet ministers and a party leader

Keith is our Business and Ethics spokesperson

Brexit Party Brum_Jill Dagnan_008.png
Jill Dagnan
Birmingham Hodge Hill

I am a single mother of three successful children. I have run a successful business for over 30 years and have taught at many colleges throughout the Birmingham area. I was Vice chair of governors at my children’s school for many years, education is my passion. I have become passionate about politics especially protecting our democratic rights

Jill is our Education spokesperson