Andrew Garcarz - Birmingham Ladywood

As a lifelong and very proud Brummie, and a Bluenose, it really is an honour and a privilege to be given the chance to represent this constituency in parliament. I am not a politician, not yet anyway: I started my work career as a telephone engineer, I ran my own fruit and vegetable stall and spent the last 25 years of my working life in the NHS, before retiring in 2016 to further my interest in local politics. And although I am NOT a Ladywood resident, I was born in neighbouring Stockland Green and lived and worked in Erdington, Castle Vale and Pype Hayes for the best part of 55 years and I know that the issues and pressures experienced by people in Erdington are the very same problems and concerns affecting you in Ladywood.

My father was a polish soldier who came to England in the Second World War, he taught me three important lessons in life:

1: No one owes you a living,

2: The harder you work the more successful you become, and 

3: Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others!

If he was alive today, I know he would be proud of the person I have become, and more so because I am taking a stand in this election to fight, as he and hundreds of thousands of others did so many years ago, for our freedom, for our independence and for our Soverign right to be a self-determining democratic country. However, we have been betrayed and lied-to by our worthless political class. Our elected representatives soon forgot their election promises and their party manifesto's once they had secured your vote and assured themselves of an £80,000 salary and hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses.

We are different. Brexit Party Candidates are people from all walks of life. We are ordinary working men and women, we are market traders, taxi drivers, lawyers, engineers, businessmen, shopkeepers, musicians and housewives. We are straight, gay and LGBTQ. We are able-bodied, we are people with disabilities. We are English, Indian, African, Somalian, Ghanayan, Italian, West Indian, Greek and so much more. We are Atheists, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Jews. We are like you, because we are of you, and together we can make our voices heard in Westminster, because until now, no one has been shouting up for us. 

Its time to kick old Labour out of Brum and elect real people who will listen to you, people who understand what life is really like for people living here, not living it up in London and the EU at our expense.

I know we only have a few weeks until voting day on 12 December and we are small in number, but if every one of you, our Brave Brummie Brexiteers can convince five people, friends, family, neighbours or workmates to agree to vote for The Brexit Party in any of the nine Birmingham constituencies, and they in turn can get five more and five more and so on, we can spread our message of Changing Politics for Good far and wide across our great City and send real, decent, honest people to Westminster as your representative and servants of the good people of Birmingham.

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