Jill Dagnan - Birmingham Hodge Hill 

My name is Jill Dagnan I was born a bred in Nuneaton and for over thirty years I have been the sole owner of a Salon whilst raising three children as a single parent.

As a business owner, I have experienced many changes in government and policy direction that has directly affected my clients and myself.

I have tutored in colleges within the Hodge Hill areas of Birmingham and was Vice chair of Governors at my children’s school. Education is my passion as everyone deserves to be educated at whatever age.

My affinity towards the students and families of this area reflect my personal values and this is why I have chosen to stand for the Brexit Party as a candidate in the forthcoming General election.


I can relate to my prospective constituents and I will be the voice that our communities need to represent our views if our life experiences are not be swept away, as they have been by those currently in parliament.

We need to challenge and change the current system. By electing me as your MP I will listen to you, represent you  and together we can Change Politics for Good.

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