Joseph Tawonezvi - Birmingham Selly Oak

I am humbled to have been chosen as the Brexit Party candidate for Selly Oak Constituency in the general election on 12 December 2019. I was attracted by the party’s inclusiveness and what it stands for. The Brexit Party is a new dynamic party which is aware of the importance of listening to the electorate, the duty to carry out the people’s mandate and not just giving empty promises


I have a legal background spanning over 20 years, specialising in different areas of Law, working as a Magistrate, a Public Prosecutor currently dealing with immigration and Asylum cases and Business Consultancy. I have an LLB, Law degree, a Master’s in law Practice, a Masters in Oil and Gas Law and a Masters in in Security and Risk Management. I also have keen interest in education and environmental regulatory issues, which influenced me to publish an article the health impacts of shale gas exploration and production which had many readers worldwide.

I am able to give support on environmental issues in the constituency.


I work with several Charities such as SOLACE as a board member for four years.

It provides free counselling, psychotherapy and advocacy to survivors of persecution and exile in Yorkshire and the Humber. I have also participated in various charity projects coordinated with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (LASSN), gaining vital experience in supporting local community organisations.

I will  work very hard to ensure social health care for the elderly, disabled and those with mental health issues are addressed as a matter of agency. 


Having never been active in politics before, I am interested in what it can do for Selly Oak, a constituency with lots of University Students and I am delighted with the Brexit Party policy to write off the interest on Student Loans which will give a financial relief to student after graduation. As a security and risk analyst and lawyer I would also give support to the law enforcement agencies, educational and health institutions to make sure they are safe and secure places.  


Three years ago, the majority of those who voted chose to leave the EU, but we are still dwelling on the same subject because our Parliamentarians are resistant to change and do not listen to the electorate. This has caused a lot of anxiety to the British people and as well as uncertainty to business organisations. We should leave the EU and start listening to people’s problems and invest in our local communities.

As a lawyer with my listening and analytical skills I will give advice to people on issues affecting their daily lives. If elected as your MP I will make sure you get the full support and well-informed guidance on your local issues that your need. 

Vote for me and together will make Selly Oak a vibrant place, giving confidence to local investors and creating new jobs

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