Keith Rowe - Birmingham Northfield

With the largest mandate ever in the UK, over three years ago, 17.4 million people voted for us to leave the E.U. 

Here in Northfield over 60% voted to leave but your decision continues to be ignored

Voting for the same career politicians will only give the same result again. It is time for change. We need politicians with experience of the real world and a vision to see this through. 

Northfield deserves better - the whole Country deserves better.

I live and work in Birmingham and have 

  • Established and run a successful small business in Birmingham

  • Headed a long established Birmingham charity

  • Educated my children in Birmingham

  • Campaigned and worked for good inter-faith relations

  • Put myself forward to represent Northfield for Parliament, the City Council and as West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.


I am ready to be your voice where it matters

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