Mary McKenna - Birmingham Yardley

Mary McKenna is a Barrister who, over the past nine years, has practiced in the criminal justice system. She also lectures in Medico-legal aspects to para-medics and clinicians. Mary also provides expert midwifery opinions in support of negligence claims and advises on serious incidents within NHS Maternity Services.


Mary was educated in Ireland, became a nurse and specialised in Midwifery and was a very successful Director of Midwifery and Nursing for nine years at a London DGH.

She gained a Masters Degree in Health Management and during 2012/15 was Executive Nurse / Midwife for Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group 

Under the two party system, our political system, no longer works. The opportunities for our local communities, our region and the country as a whole are enormous, and need to be captured and embraced and realised as a matter of urgency. 


To do this, we need politicians that have integrity, who are transparent and represent the issues of their local communities, as opposed being “self-serving” or working in the interest of their party they should fully represent the views of the people who elected them.

Mary is part of a large family and is very engaged with her 26 nieces and nephews.

If you elect me as your MP, I will repay the trust you place in me and represent you with respect, openness, honesty and dignity

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