There is growing frustration with the political class. The Brexit Party wants to deliver a cascade of political reform and end the mission creep of the unelected and unaccountable. In the last four years the political establishment has conspired to frustrate democracy. This has shown clearly that our institutions are moribund and in need of reform. The Brexit Party is in a unique position to deliver real democratic reform because we are not part of the political status quo. 

  1. Reform the voting system. The First Past the Post system has failed to deliver strong and stable government, disenfranchises millions and causes many more not to vote. A more proportional system of representation is needed.  

  2. Abolish the House of Lords and introduce a smaller, democratic second chamber. 

  3. Make MPs who switch parties subject to recall petitions so constituents can hold their MPs to account.

  4. Overhaul the postal voting system. Tony Blair introduced changes to postal voting in 2001. As a percentage of votes cast, postal votes have grown from 2% to more than 20% and the system has been subject to voter fraud and abuse. 

  5. Reform the Supreme Court. The politicisation of the judiciary requires that judges be subject to political scrutiny. A written constitution now needs to be considered.

  6. Introduce more direct democracy to empower voters and hold the elected to account. 


The Brexit Party has already announced a series of policies aimed at regional regeneration, supporting key sectors of the economy and targeted investments in the young, the High Street and families. All these investments can be financed by scrapping HS2, retaining the £39bn payment to the EU and refocusing part of the foreign aid budget on domestic priorities.  

  1. Raise £200bn by scrapping HS2, keep the £39bn which Parliament confirmed is not legally due to the EU (this becomes £65bn under Boris’ ‘Deal’), recover our £7bn from the EIB and redirect 50% of the foreign aid budget.

  2. Invest £100bn in the left behind regions in local road and rail schemes.

  3. Invest in digital infrastructure – now a vital personal utility – to provide free base level domestic broadband for everyone and free Wi-Fi on all public transport.

  4. Invest in our High Streets – reduce business rates to zero for High Street retailers and leisure operators outside the M25 – funded via a small online sales tax. 

  5. Invest in young people by scrapping all interest on student loans (currently charged at over 6%); abolish the apprenticeship levy and introduce a new workable apprenticeship scheme.

  6. Abolish Inheritance Tax (IHT). This hated tax raises less than 1% of total tax revenue. By taxing income that has already been taxed it is ‘double taxation’ and is levied at a time of family grief. It is complex, expensive to administer and the wealthiest can afford to dodge the tax. 


The Brexit Party is developing policies in a number of areas that can only be implemented via a Clean-Break Brexit: investing in and supporting key public services, protecting the environment and growing recycling initiatives, and other targeted investments in fishing and strategic industries.

  1. Invest in Fishing and Coastal Communities: with a Clean-Break Brexit we recover full control of our waters, a huge opportunity to regenerate our coastal communities with new investment, jobs and tourism. The Boris EU treaty does NOT return control of our territorial waters.

  2. Invest in the Environment and Recycling: we need to plant tens of millions of trees and ensure we recycle our waste in this country and not export it across the world to be burnt.

  3. Invest in Health and Social Care: these are essential and treasured public services – we need to invest for better health and care outcomes.

  4. Invest in Strategic National Industries: Boris’ ‘Deal’ traps us within regulatory alignment, leaving us tied to EU rules. We need the freedom to invest in key strategic industries and create thousands of jobs in Steel, Railways and Defence. We also want to create Freeports across the country.

  5. Cut the cost of living by reducing tariffs on food, clothing and footwear.

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