Wendy Garcarz - Birmingham Erdington

Wendy Garcarz is a 59 year old local businesswoman who has run a successful Management Consultancy and Training company and has been married for 38 years: living and working in Erdington for more than twenty-five years before recently moving to nearby Staffordshire.  
At 40 she gained a Masters Degree in Education from University of Central England and is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.  

Wendy says "Politics needs a shake up! People have been poorly served by the traditional two party system for decades.  We are faced with a future filled with possibility and opportunities but the country needs a different sort of leadership to capitalise on that. 


I am a practical problem solver that finds creative solutions to complex problems.

We need politicians that can work openly and honestly with and most importantly, for their local communities.  We need to develop the talents and capabilities in our regions and not be solely focused on the prosperity of our capital city.  The person people elect must represent them fully and not just their own interests or the party they are members of”.

"In 2016, we were asked the most important question of our generation and we voted to Leave the EU. Over 3 years later we are still stuck in the EU and our political system is broken!

Parliament has ignored our vote and failed to carry out our instruction. We must restore democracy and make elected MPs accountable for their actions and carry out our wishes.

I have run a business in Erdington for more than 25 years, created jobs and paid my taxes here. I know how important it is to be treated fairly and to have the same opportunities that Metropolitan London has enjoyed for decades.

Together we can make Erdington a vibrant place to live and work in again. With a renewed sense of pride, confidence and real local investment, we can put Erdington back on the map"

This web site is promoted and produced by Andrew Garcarz of 2 May Cottage Hoar Cross on behalf of  Wendy Garcarz,  Annette Willcox, Jill Dagnana, Rosie Cuckston, Mary McKenna, Joseph Tewonezvi, Keith Rowe and Andrew Garcarz of The Brexit Party